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Spray Performance Drives Successful Drug Delivery

Proveris Scientific delivers innovative technologies, lab services, technical support, and applications expertise to a worldwide customer base that produces nasal and orally inhaled drug products. Our team of experts assist our customers in achieving a more complete understanding of product performance and the interactions between devices, formulations and human usage. This understanding helps save significant time and money by reducing time to market.

Learn more about our product offerings below to see how we can help you combine formulations with spray delivery devices for optimum performance.


Proveris by Design Lab Studies

Proveris offers a number of essential studies that help drive successful nasal and orally inhaled drug delivery by bridging the gaps between patient usage, device performance, and formulation in order to bring a better Product to market more quickly.

These offerings include:

  • Patient Usage Ergonometric Studies
  • Reference Product Characterization
  • Device Component Optimization
  • Method Development
  • Method Transfer and Verification

Vereo® Automated Actuator

Vereo® actuators are designed to replicate human usage of devices through automated actuation. Accurate control of actuation by force or position allows spray devices to be actuated precisely and consistently. We have designed actuators for the following products

  • Pressurized metered dose inhalers
  • Vertically actuated nasal and oral spray devices
  • Side actuated nasal spray devices
  • Dual side actuated nasal spray devices
  • Unit- and bi-dose nasal and oral spray devices



SprayVIEW® Measurement System

SprayVIEW® Systems produce indispensable information to accelerate development of successful spray drug products. The spray pattern and plume geometry measurements are critical in optimizing the combination of formulation and device. This system works with the family of Vereo® actuators to support the wide variety of orally inhaled and nasal drug products.

Indizo® Automated Nasal Spray Collection System

Indizo® systems fully automate high-throughput dose content uniformity collection and shot weight testing to support the numerous tests required for regulatory submission and QC testing. The system performs repeated tests across multiple product samples without operator intervention. This eliminates human-derived error and common repetitive stress injuries while reducing costly out-of-specification occurrences



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